Island of Confusion

July 14, 2011
By Anonymous

I’m a cast away,
Standing barefoot in sand,
On this island,
Which is all my own.

This isn’t a paradise,
Quite the opposite in fact,
I’m in my own personal cage.

I’m left alone,
My memories of you flood,
Leaving me oh so dazed,
And so confused.

I wish I could explain,
Let you feel how I do,
But there’s just no way.
I jump from enraged to embraced,
It’s only been seconds,
How can this be?
Makes no sense to me.

I feel so;
Who am I?
What is this?
How do I feel?

I need someone to say it’s okay.
To know how I feel and empathize.
No more of this fake sympathize.

Somebodys got to be out there,
On their own little island,
And they got to,
Know how I feel.
Got to.

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