July 14, 2011
By Jasminh BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
Jasminh BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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In an imperfect world there lived an imperfect girl, who was as imperfect as you and I

She lived an imperfect life as imperfect can be, and she spent her days by the imperfect sea

Waiting and watching, for an imperfect something, to come by and sweep her off her feet

But time was imperfect, and dragged on for ages, through the harsh cold and burning heat

Then one day, an imperfect day, her imperfect world had taken a turn for the very very worst

She had taken a trip to an imperfect doctor, who told her, her imperfect life was cursed

Our imperfect heroine had 3 months to live; our imperfect damsel was helplessly in distress

And as imperfect timing as imperfect can be, our imperfect maiden, meets a boy unlike the rest

He was imperfect as she, but perfect to her, and her undying love for him shone imperfectly

Days went by, as imperfect as the others, but too them they were the days to live endlessly

Hard and fast they fell for each other, both so imperfect, but imperfect they were together,

Then the imperfect time, decided to speed up, she knew they wouldn’t, couldn’t last forever

When the 3 months were up, they kissed a sad, imperfect kiss, but knew that they wouldn’t let go

It was an imperfect idea, but a dream to the imperfect lovers, a dream that no one would know

Minutes before, they roamed the imperfect woods, and found the plant to lead them into the afterlife

They would leave the imperfect world together, to a perfect one of with no unnecessary misery or strife

Into their mouths, the deadly plant was swallowed, and with a last breath they fled this imperfect land

And they entered a new place, a place that was perfect, as they walked through the gates hand in hand

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