The Window

July 14, 2011
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I looked out the window one day, when I was home alone with nothing to do,
But the strange thing is, I found beauty in the nothing that I saw,
What did I see? I cannot describe it,
But it was beautiful, new and brilliant,
So compelling, it was a puzzle I had to solve,
So I sat on that windowsill and stared,
I stared and stared,
Even when I wasn't alone anymore, even when there were things to do and people to see, I sat there and stared,
People stared to worry, but I did not care,
I looked out the window and stared,
And when I stopped staring, when the puzzle was finished, I realized my parents had died, my sister had moved out, my baby brother married, and my friends miles away,
And then there was really nothing to do except stare out that ugly window, but this time I did not blink

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