Scared of this Love

July 14, 2011
By b.rai DIAMOND, College Station, Texas
b.rai DIAMOND, College Station, Texas
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you never really know what love is, until it breaks your heart.

We are so young

And we have so many years before us

So much commitment,

And so many promises

It kind of makes me nervous

I am afraid that it won't really happen

I have so much love for you

And it would be a shame to get my hopes up

For nothing

I am afraid if i expect too much for us,

For our future together

And i come to love you even more

That i wil be completely broken,

If we lost our relationship,

Our love

It would completely kill me

If i never got what i had been promised,

For so very long

I want you as mine,forever

And i want us to share a life

You say that you feel the same

But i am afraid you may change your mind

About me,once again

Before i never thought you ever would

But you have already several times

I am afraid that one day you won't want me anymore

And you will break all the promises that we made

I fear you will regret

Wanting me,

Being with me,

Loving me

And we both know my feelings for you,

Run deeper than

What you feel for me

And i don't want you to feel like i am a mistake

I want you to actually be proud of

Our love

Not ashamed

I don't want you to

Feel as though you have to hide it

From the world

I don't want you to hide

What you really want

From me,

The girl you say you want to spend your life with

I don't want you to see anything wrong with

Actually wanting us to be,


I want you to show me

That you for sure

Love me

And that you will really want me,


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