July 16, 2011
By Jessie-Dorsey BRONZE, Issaquah, Washington
Jessie-Dorsey BRONZE, Issaquah, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
While its always best to believe in ones self, a little help from others can be a great blessing.

Perfect, plain
Placid, peculiar
We are who we are
Though never
the same

We twist
We turn
We listen
We learn
We shall always

Paralyzed, performed
Playful, and prolonged
We are a mere prop
to our own society

We are limited
But we are strong
We try our best
For here we belong
Here, we are restrained
In our own power

Preserved, powerful
Peace, yet powerless
We stand on the edge
Of our lives, for here
We are bound

We are new,
We are derived,
For we are deprived
Of our own safety net,
We may fall

Paper or plastic,
Problems to solve
We are a mere prop
To our own society

We are mysterious
For we help in many ways
We are humorous
To those who find laughter
Within even the tiniest of objects
We are here, we are there,
We are everywhere

Pin, pinned,
We are who we are
Though never
the same

We are us...

We.. are people.

The author's comments:
This poem was created entirely by me. In 11the grade during American literature, my class was given an assignment in which we had to write an Extended Metaphor Poem. We needed a subject and a metaphor to use for that subject. The subject I used is people and thee metaphor is a paperclip. In this, we had to come up withe five ideas in order to help us write thee poem. The five ideas that I came up withe were:

1. Never straight: No matter how much we try and unravel a paperclip withe our hands, it will never turn out straight.
- People aren't able to maintain a straight path forever, otherwise, for example, we'd always make thee wrong or right choices forever.

2. Paperclips can only clip to a certain amount of papers at a time.
- People cannot bear to have so much stuff on their plate. It will only all fall off in thee attempt to carry it around.

3. A paperclip is only as good as thee package it came in.
- When people start something new, they usually get better at it. Yet eventually, they must throw away thee original method in order to get better, and find a new one.

4. Nervous breakers: Paperclips or other small objects can help transfer nervous energy into thee small object itself.
- We all have ways of moving negative energy out of our bodies. So objects as such or even breathing are useful in such a mysterious way.

5. Comes in many sizes.
- We are all different.

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