A Seemingly Miniature Mistake

July 20, 2011
It was just yesterday we were
recklessly in love with each other
ready to commit our young crimson souls
and squeeze each others slender 14 yr old
dismal bodies until we couldn’t
tend to the exotic deed no more

Watching those cherry-luscious lips
satisfied me at all hours of the day
yet as our minds and hearts grew
we tried to keep our relationship fresh
seeing that walls were up
paralyzing us from moving any further

Your glazed hazel eyes
saw right through my masculine
niche and that’s what kept you
understanding my arrogant front
till you grew tired of it all
loathing over my lack of attention

Then this handsome fiend came along
grabbing you with his grimy
yuppie-like claws that steal girls
slyly from under the noses of
flashy-ignorant guys like me
entered your tarnished life and “rescued” you

The vivid image my dreams bring of him
making love to you and raising your children
now pales my loosely structured face
sending a sickening feeling to my soul
lavishing my body with tearful worthy
yells and cries of regret and hysterical pain

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