The Gates of Heaven

July 19, 2011
By Haley McCullough BRONZE, Northville, Michigan
Haley McCullough BRONZE, Northville, Michigan
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It's so bright outside, too bright outside, that I can barely remember how darkness used to encompass me. I squint my eyes as the sun rays stream through the gaps of my fingers, as my hand attempts to block, what i can, and forever shall see. 
I hope this doesn't last for long, as an echoing pulse beats from my heart, streaming into a ribbon- like shockwave.I become nervous, and move my head one way, then another, looking for colors that once created the desire for living. My bones tense, I turn my back, and shield the simplicity of light that stands as one color, one life.
It's hard to imagine where I currently am, as a place cannot simply be this painfully bright. It's true, because it's not the real world, it's the gates of heaven.

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