July 19, 2011
I want someone to love me.
I'm a great person, cant no one see?
I always end up putting more in the relationship than the other.
And again and again my heart get broken.
now I'm a teenage mother.
Who could ever love me now?
Apparently no one.
Because of this, I feel like a FAT UGLY COW!
I have been stepped on and used,
And in my past relationships I have been bruised.
Still I look for the right one for me.
If only given a chance they'd see how perfect it'd be.
Am I that ugly?
Could it be that being a teen mom, makes me unwanted?
I'm not after any one's money,
All I want, all I love.
If only people could see that I'm as delicate as a rose, precious like a dove.
But with a child, they think I'm bad news.
But I'm not, I'm a great, sweet, kind person.
That's why they lose.
I no longer wish to be treated like a dog & be shoved.
My only wish is to be loved...

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