July 19, 2011
You are incorrect, as am I
Distinct as the pupil in your eye
Nothing will be the same as it is in the now
And in the near future we will ask how
How could we have changed so much, yet still stay the same?
How could we have destroyed so much, and consider ourselves sane?
How did we let ourselves go?
How did we find answers to these questions, yet the answers we were never meant to know?
How could we allow all these lies to be fed?
How could we eat out of our silver spoon in our safe little bed,
as families starve in countries near and far?
How could we have survived through another war?
How could we have lived in such fear?
How could we have let our own destruction come so near?
How could we have trashed such a perfect balance?
How could we allow such an evil to take hold of our prized society in such a powerful stance?
How could we have stopped from watching our people crumble to the bottom, as we were reaching to place our so-called victory trophy on the top shelves?
How could we have stopped such a terrible force that we have always known as ourselves?

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Robyn97 said...
Jul. 27, 2011 at 8:30 pm
Interesting perspective. Very cool having all the questions.
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