she is my sun

July 19, 2011
She sent my world into a pin wheel and had me gessing at where it would stop but then i figured it out and i decided to make my stand and get her back even after what she did with him and what she put me through she was still worth it and i needed her back so i walk up and i start to speek
and she says she doesnt want me anymore...she says she doesnt love me anymore ...she says im not worth it ...and i break down again and i cry for the first time in a long long time i cryed for her and my heart is still crying becouse i still feel like i need her but shes the sun i cant touch her i cant even get close becouse hes in the way and shes moved on but i know she still loves me deep inside and like the sun and the moon we will someday be together again but i will have to wait a millenium and im not sure ill last

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