The Empty Room

July 19, 2011
Over and over again it plays in the back of my head like a movie
The tragedy
The day I lost you
Every day I wake up and say “My love is gone”
Never to hold me in his arms
Never to kiss and comfort me
Gone forever, never to return
There is no other that can replace you
You will always have my heart
The home we built together is now empty
It’s crumpling and falling down on my head
Our room is empty
The room that was once filled with our love
Is nothing now but a distant memory
It can never be anything but a distant memory
Never to be bright and full of happiness
It’s now dull, gray, and resembles despair
It’s no longer warm and welcoming
Just withering and filled with grief
The paint is chipping
The floors are creaking
The windows are cracked and shattered
Just like my heart
Just like my emotions
Just like our home
I sit up and look around the room
Memories flooding my mind
The empty room speaks to me
“I’m fading”, it says
“I’m fading”, I say

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