My Lost Happiness

July 19, 2011
By Briana.J16 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
Briana.J16 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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" If it guides me wrong and i do not win i'll learn from my mistakes and try to achiever again "- Tupac Shakur .

I'm searching and searching
and I have yet to find you again.
But where have you gone my dearest best friend?
You left me all alone to fight the world alone.
Please come back and save the way you did before.
Please come back and love me.
Come waltzing through my door.
Everyday your gone I die more inside but without you its the world I fear.
So its in my heart that I must hide.
Can you come back and rescue my lost life?
Can you come back and magically show me to the light.
Without your company I'm lost without a clue.
I'm lonely, I'm sad, and I'm deeply missing you.
I promise I'll be more thankful for all the things you've done.
I'm fading away more and more and I'm falling apart now I'm almost gone.
So please come back because there's nothing worse than being alone.

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