We All Fall Down

July 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Darkness fills all corners of my pupils
My mind can finally exhale

Serenity crawls slowly through my body
And enters my arms
Light as the breath of a sleeping baby
They float upwards towards my shoulders
My giddy legs play tag with one another
One in front of the other
Soon I am spinning
Through an unknown, comforting void
No sights
No sounds
No senses

The spinning robs me
Of every memory but the current
I feel the void plucking them from my soul
One by one
But I want them gone sooner
So I spin faster

As all climbers reach their peak
Soon there is nothing left to take
But the spinning wont stop
New thoughts of horrors unspeakable creep through me
And find home in my now hollowed chest
The spinning won't take them or me away

Hopes flash behind my eyes
Of strong hands lifting me out of this place
Where daylight doesn't exist
But with time
Those ebb away from my memory, too

On the verge of breaking
I can cry goodbye to no one but myself
And start to let go
But as I'm slipping
I feel hands
Not the ones that were to be expected
But tiny, soft grasps
Only to be belonging to children
Yet their simple touches are enough to awaken me

As my senses flood back in
I am aware of a cloudless afternoon
And the tickle of soft grass under my back
And children
They are laughing
Choking out words through smiles
"Ashes! Ashes!" They cry
"We all fall down!"

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