Deadbeat Dad

July 19, 2011
By Anonymous

I have this bad feeling deep down, and your the reason for my frown. I hate how you've been treating me, I'm sorry if I'm not the daughter you wanted me to be. I'm truly trying my best, but I guess I'm foolish for thinking I could make you happier than the rest. I don't even know what to say, because all I know is that I'm not okay. But you wont even try to talk about it, and that shows me that you really don't give a s***. Its been hard on me to have a dad who's never here, because instead he's out partying and drinking beer. I had to learn how to grow up without you, and you'll never understand what I've went through.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by my dad because I had alot of mixed feelings. He was always leaving and I wanted to express how hard it is to deal with a dad who's never there for his daughter. I hope people see the struggle and all the emotions I felt.

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