Words Of Sorrow

July 19, 2011
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Listen, listen now, listen to the words of pain, it thrives and implants deceit, it leads to lies, and useless cries. Listen, listen carefully to the words of pain, for from these words you will surely gain.

Whisper quickly, whisper now, whisper cautiously, the words of hate, vengeance is common within the brave, yet leads to the promised grave. 6 feet under not an inch less, whisper quickly whisper now, whisper quietly the words of hate, for it is wiser then to meet the gate.

Filled with tears, filled with fears, filled with regrets and useless years, ponder why, question how, question years of dread and guilt, lie down on nails bleed through your spineless tail, bleaker and bleaker does the room become because of the words of sorrow.

The walls have ears, the hills have eyes, the skies grow darker as your eyes go blind, your tongue is numb from sins and schemes, no wonder the world spins in your dreams, the sorrow continues the light becomes dull, the world, abundant of demons and lost souls.

Listen carefully, whisper silently, as you fill yourself with the words of sorrow, they sneak like bandits and strike like eagles, be warned of the words of sorrow, the night is thick with the fogs of dread, be warned from the words of sorrow, the blood now boils from the fires of hell, be fearful of the words of sorrow, the words of sorrow, the words of sorrow.

Begone, words of pain, begone, tongue of hate, begone words of sorrow, begone, begone, begone, torment us another day, for I too am filled with the words of death.

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