He Took Her Against Her Will

July 19, 2011
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small infections upon her skin

scratches running down her arm

bite marks,little,scattered down her neck

small purple bruises across each wrist

half of her face is marred

a cut running down her bottom lip

she is,

scabbed up

with dry blood

from the fight

from the struggle

to save her innocence

to save her life

her face is stained with tears,all because of that man

in order to stay alive,she just had to let him

take his time

and take his fill

take all she had to give

her fragile body is torn

she is bruised and she is swollen

she is scarred and she is scared

she is broken,

never to be whole again

too young

and to weak

to hold him back

all of her was taken

she is changed,and

she is different

it is all because of him

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