quetness kills

July 19, 2011
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You've wondered why I'm quite..
Truthfully I'm afraid,
of saying something stupid..
The chances of being hated,
Called that freak over there..
Usually kills me every time...

I finally got some confidence...
It's not 100% yet.
Slowly I'm trying to reach 100%,
it's only 10% right now...
Thought its getting there.
In time it'll be 100%..
Well I hope it will be..

My quietness is a choice..
A choice I made myself..
Thinking my quietness,
Well get me by..
No one has yet to notice me.
So I have no drama..
Which isn't so bad...

Being that loner over there,
Is what I'm great at..
Everyone things being a loner is bad..
After two years of practice..
It becomes a habit.
I'm not a social person..
Though maybe if others,
Tried talking I'd talk more..

Calling someone a freak,
For being quiet is pointless..
Makes no sense..
An kills confidence easy..
Your confidence might be 100%.
So Stop crushing mine..
It might even mean nothing to you..
To me,
My confidence means a lot..
Even the littlest confidence,
I have means so much....

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