The Unspoken

July 18, 2011
By breyana BRONZE, Loganville, Georgia
breyana BRONZE, Loganville, Georgia
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Nowadays true hip-hop is dead love is mistaken for lust

and snakes are crawling in the grass so there’s no one for us to trust

rappers speak on the basics cars money clothes and girls

and refer to us as hoes instead of diamonds in this world

and for the ladies we don’t make it no better cause we use the “B” word as a good thing

But get insulted to the max. when a guy says it and turns it into a big thing

but I’m no one to judge I do it too I just want to point something’s out ,

Like relationships they aint the same divorce is the first thing that comes to mind instead of working things out.

And to the guys what happened to being a gentlemen and doing the simplest thing like opening up a door

And its very trashy of ya’ll to get a girl knocked up and then not want to deal with her no more.

And to the dads like mine jumping in and outta ya kids life

but when we’ve said enough is enough you want to jump in and outta the blue try to make things right.

And to this messed up world where the mothers are letting the fathers touch the daughters

and the poor is getting poorer

And the soldiers are put on front line to defend a country that doesn’t even care.

Giving us these half baked unemployment checks and you lucky if you qualify for welfare.

This thing we call a recession got people stealing out they own mothers purse

And even got to the point where they’ll take from the only safe haven, church.

Screwed up school system just passing kids along instead of really helping the ones in need.

“College not if but where” but your main priority is making sure that the girls skirts come down past their knees.

Lukewarm Christians and even nonbelievers getting scared “2012” the worlds supposed to end now everybody want to get down and say God please.

Feeling pity amongst ourselves when we were the ones who chose the roads to lead to our own destiny

See, we’ve lost the respect for ourselves , but also the respect for others

Now , we’ll kill our own children and even betray our own brothers

Clenching your wallets tight to the unfortunate not knowing that you’re a cent away from that being you

Pulling the trigger on ourselves when times get hard and we think that there’s nothing else that we can do

No creature walking this earth is perfect or no better ,

But if you’ve noticed in this poem I’ve said “Us” and “We” but that’s our problem we don’t strive to help and do things together.

Forgive me God for I have sinned.

But Luke 23:34

Forgive “Us”, God, because “we” do not know what “we” are doing.

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