IF WE.....

July 18, 2011
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If we all would stop fighting
Could we actually get along
If we all would cherish our time we have
Could we live life to the fullest everyday
If we was to have true faith
Could we believe in ourselves
If we were to learn to never give up
Could we be stronger through all life phases
If we was to stop ignoring what’s obvious
Could we be able to see clearer
If we was to cherish the moments that bring happiness
Could we actually let go of the moments that bring pain
If we was willing to learn
Could we have more knowledge
If we was to stop destroying land
Could we still have the beauty of nature
If we was to stop and listen to each other
Could we actually understand one another
If we was to learn from our downfalls
Could our mind frame grow stronger
If we was thankful of what we have
Could we let go of all the greed
If we was to actually love our selves
Could we walk with our heads held high
If we were to actually believe we can live up to our dreams
Could things really be as hard as it seems
If we was to change and give our life a twist and a twirl
Could we actually change the world?

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