Behind Me

July 18, 2011
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You see me as a black teen,
gangs, violence, cussing, broke,
never gonna be nothing.
But behind my scarf
I'm a beautiful lady
no matter what people say;
independent, loving, caring,
and I know where I'm going.

You see me as a girl
flirty, stylish, nice, can't catch,
can't do certain things,
but behind my mask
you can tell that most of it is true
but I can be whatever I put my mind to
if I trust and believe
I can put everyone in a shock.

You see me as a Christian,
Faithful, quiet, loving, caring,
always talking bout God.
But behind my skin
you can tell that this is my job.
Talking bout God requires
my faith, my love and talent
I fully represent the Kingdom of God.

You see me as a student,
smart, kind, sweet,
can't hurt a fly.
my words hurt the most.
Ya I'm smart,
smart enough to know
how to deal with the drama
and situations life bring us.

Behind it all you see what
you want me to be,
but now you can see behind
I let it all out piece by piece
take it all in and see me truly.

Before you can say you know me
know what I believe and who I am.
Don't say you do because I'm in your class.
Know me personally and I will do the same

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