Love Letter

July 18, 2011
You don't have to do this
don't you know that
You don't have to bleed
don't you understand
how much I'd lose
if I lost you?
You make my life
what it is now
don't you know that?

You don't have to hurt yourself
just to feel okay again
You don't have to feel this way
don't you understand
how much I need you
even in your pain
You make my life
brighter than anything
don't you know that?

You think I'm lying but
you know I've never lied to you
even when I did I want to die of shame
I can never let you go
even when I let you down
I promise I'll do anything
just to hear your voice again
just to bring you back to me
don't you know that?

I am watching you
though you don't see me
I am a quiet whisper
through the darkest night
I can see you
and I love you
not for what you
might have done

don't you know that?

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