One Day

July 18, 2011
By Brittany0510 BRONZE, London, Other
Brittany0510 BRONZE, London, Other
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A silent tear fell from her eye
As she fell to the ground and cry
She tries to walk tall
But what's she to do when it's one vs. all?
Her misery was their desire
Why must they always mock her attire?
They all pointed and laughed
At the one sitting near the front of the class
So she puts on this act
Head down as if she doesn’t care
They talk behind her back
Like she's not even there
They call her s*** and w****
She cant take it much more
They don't know her at all
She can't let them see her fall
So many things left unsaid
So many words inside her head
She thinks “why would he do this to me?”
Why'd God choose this misery
She knows it's not his fault
She knows she's in his heart
He made us like him
So she knows one day we all fit in

The author's comments:
Bullying is such a huge issue in today's society. We have all experienced it in some form and it is truly heart breaking so I decided to write this.

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