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July 18, 2011
By ItsAlly SILVER, Humacao, Other
ItsAlly SILVER, Humacao, Other
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"Be the change you wish to see in the world" -M.Ghandi

...and that pushes me to the edge, you know. It makes me realize how hard I've been wanting this and how much I deserve it. And its just so frustrating! ALL OF IT! Its like life is not fair enough.. or unfair enough. Why o you give me just half of what I want? Why would you give something to me just to take it away?Sometimes I wonder in the depths of mi mind if its just a sample. A taste of something better that will come. You know, so it will prove me that It will come eventually. Yeah...I've always thought that. That he's juts God's way of saying: "He's just not it, this is not the time, but guys like him DO exist. You are more beautiful than the sunrise and the sunset. Just hold on a little longer." Crying may not solve anything but it's sorta relieving to do so. I don't know why but it just lets go of so much pressure

The author's comments:
It is very personal. I don't specify much because I want you to put your own meaning to it ;)

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