Salvador Dalí's Visage of War

July 18, 2011
By Noir_Soire SILVER, Branson, Missouri
Noir_Soire SILVER, Branson, Missouri
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I see the agony upon his face,
As if his stomach received a blow from a mace.
If you peered into his eyes or have a whiff of his breath,
All of your senses would have screamed out "Death!"
From Burnt Umber, would be it's original shade,
To an October Bronze that's it's color shall eventually fade.
If you looked at his hair on the skin that it clings,
They are truly flying leeches, yet they have no wings.
Those parasites have drained it's soul of every last drop of feeling,
And along with his outside body, so he couldn't do any begging and kneeling.
Until all that was left was his dried up head,
But now they feed upon his pain, as I would have said.

The author's comments:
In 1940, an Spanish surrealist painted an abstract oil painting called "The Visage of War" while he stayed in California. His inspiration for the painting came to him when he became traumatized by the second world war entering his European home lands. When looking at his painting, I decided to write a poem based off of it.

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