already got me,(:

July 14, 2011
By spankys_the_name SILVER, Redmond, Oregon
spankys_the_name SILVER, Redmond, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
love finds you when you stop lookin. (:
boys arnt worth tears and the one that is wont make you cry..(:

you already have me under your arm.
theres no need to be all cute, or turn on the charm.
you already got me, oh right from the start.
no need to worry you already have my heart. (:
you make me laugh, you make me smile
so i might just stick around for awhile.
oh babe, you have me in every way
i just hope, your here to stay.
but ohhh you've got me thats for sure
with you i dont just feel like another girl.
id stay up just to talk to you all night.
you take my breath away, you give me butterflys
you make me feel great like everything's gonna be fine.
you've already got me,so your turn..,be mine?.(:

The author's comments:
fallin hard for this guy, (:

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