What is love?

July 14, 2011
By dahl2012 BRONZE, Stillwater, Oklahoma
dahl2012 BRONZE, Stillwater, Oklahoma
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Letting go doesn't always mean forgetting. In fact, letting go means remembering but still choosing to move on. -me.

Love is the strength I find within you.
Love is patience. Beauty. Flawlessness, yet not perfection. 
Love is about the moment of spark you have with someone that forces your heart to never let go.
Love is that first conversation you have with them that starts it all..The conversation worth remembering.
Love is the laugh you get with him that your friends missed.
Love is the way you feel 2 years old again..forgetting the past and running anywhere your feet lead you.
Love's not having to worry if your make-up is smeared.
Your hair doesn't have to be perfectly straight to impress him, because you know he loves YOU.
Love is not being afraid to tell him about your first broken heart and all the feelings that came along with it.
Love isn't doubting what you two have is real because even if it isn't to him, it IS real to you.
Love is the way he puts his hands in his pockets.
Love is the way he sings.
Love is the way he plays guitar.
Love is the way your heart truly skips a beat after your slow gently kiss while the rain fell upon you both.
Love is taking those risks you swore you never would.
Love is finding who YOU are, through someone else.
Love is giving your heart to a complete stranger and not caring if they break it, because the time you've spent together and falling for one another, is worth more than that.
Love is not wanting the darkness to hide you any longer.
It's teasing him, just because you can. 
Love is standing beside him when he choses to do anything, no questions asked.
It's finding that one person that makes you feel free, for once.
Love is letting the scars show, and not being hesitant.
It's looking back on your past relationships and laughing because none of them were as real as this.
Love is trusting him with your heart, even though it's still in pieces..
Love is hoping you can talk to him before he falls asleep, because his voice is the one thing that let's you sleep.
Love is when you still want him even after he left you, for her...
It'saccidentlyy reading his mind.
It's knowing you're never alone and that if you stumble, his hands will be there to break your fall.
It's being 'too young' for love, and enjoying every second of it!
It's listening to your favorite song, while in all the while, relating every word to him.
It's seeing his face in nothing and in everything.
Love is the light you wake up to in the mornings.
Love is knowing nothing will be perfect, and not letting that stop you.
Love is knowing you'll probably get a broken heart, but falling anyways.
It's falling for him despite who you may hurt.
Love is falling for your best friend...fearlessly.
Love's saying goodnight with a smile because you know the next voice you'll hear is HIS, saying "Goodmorning beautiful."
Love is seeing his face in the stars above you, and in the crystal waters beneath you.
Love is falling completely and utterly, fully, no doubt in your mind, head over heels in love with your best friend.
Love is bring absolutely fearless in all you do, and being absolutely terrified at the same time.
Love is being weak.
Falling down.
Getting attached.
Getting a broken heart.
Love is holding his hand through each and every storm of life.
Love is letting go a little too soon.
And maybe, just maybe, love is holding on a little too long.

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