Circle of Love

July 14, 2011
By Gita Krishna BRONZE, Trivandrum, Other
Gita Krishna BRONZE, Trivandrum, Other
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The Bright light fades from my heart
As you take a step away
The sun will never shine again
Because we went our own ways

Love is like a circle
Sometimes, circles have ends
And other times, they just go on forever
We're just waiting round the bend

Though we never knew
the deep connection in our hearts
I was the North Pole, you were the south
We were attracted so that we'd never part

When the day finally came
The circle had to break
Promising words of farewell
Words that I just couldn't take

You slipped your hand from mine
Gave me a touch to keep
A last smile, a last word
And then you left me to weep

Because we are a circle,
Before we fall through the veil
Someday, we will reunite
And our love will never fail.

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