Backup Friend

July 13, 2011
I always feel that neglection,
The language that says you’re not wanted.
I get this lump in my stomach,
And my heart starts to cry.
I just want someone to talk to,
But I feel myself trying too hard.
Whatever I do it doesn't make a difference,
Because you don't see me for whom I am.

I don't even know the real me.
I'm always trying to be someone I'm not.
I should just give up on trying to charm you;
Just be who I am.
Too bad who I am is changing myself to satisfy you.
It will always be like this.
You act like my friend for a week;
I give you my trust.
Tell you my deepest darkest secrets;
You share them to the whole school.

I'm done pleasing you;
Done with being your backup plan.
I'm getting rid of this pain I hide;
Dry my tears and never be hurt by you again.
So you can find some other back-up friend.
I'll find someone else to talk to.
Someone who will be a friend;
Who will never tell me a lie.
A friend that that tells me she’s here for me.
One that knows what’s wrong;
Because she understands.
I'm going to find a friend,
A true friend!

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