July 13, 2011
By maggumsx SILVER, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
maggumsx SILVER, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Falling for you
I get up,
tending to my wounds and scrapes.
Only to fall again.
All for you

I tell myself,
I can live without you
I can stop falling
I can heal my scars
I try telling myself

But I know it's no use
scars are permanent
Is my condition permanent?
Am I doomed to follow you
Fall for you,

You make me fall,
Each time.
I don't want it
I want something else
Something tangible,

Please, be reasonable world
Relinquish me from your hold
The hold of your eyes,
your arms,
your kindness,
your love.

Not the kind I seek
You give me this,
I really want that.
But unable to tell you,
I reluctantly accept.

One day,
I will catch up to you,
I'll stop falling
Just long enough
To fall into your arms,
your gaze,
your world,
your beautiful heart.

Until then,
I keep falling
Falling for you.

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