Old Faithful

July 13, 2011
Don’t you remember me?
I have been with you every waking moment.
I am the one to whom all your secrets were told.

I comforted you when you cried
I listened while you ranted
I was your closure when everything was wrong

I heard of your first day and kiss
I felt your anguish after deaths
I was with you through these tough years

Now you are leaving and I sit in a messy pile
Surrounded by boxes of memories and comforts
I await the gentle touch of your hands as you place me in a safe box

I pray you won’t forget me
As you make a new start
Just pile me in and start the car

As you start to depart, your mother runs out
She hands me to you, receives one last teary-eyed hug,
And you pile me in and start the car.

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