Lost Promises

July 13, 2011
By Anonymous

I won't feel
pity on you, I won't
believe you when you
say you love me. You left me
so long ago, when I was three,
why all of a sudden do you care?

You left her alone, not enough
money to survive, three kids
to feed not not enough money to pay
the bills that seemed to keep

You could never take this,
you were never ready for commitment.
You tried this three times before,
what made you think that I would
be any different?

Do you think it's okay to give others this
type of pain? Do you think it's
okay to call your child worthless, unwanted,

I've been living my life so long
without you, pretending I'm okay,
hiding it with a smile, maybe a laugh
or two, but you're all that comes to mind.

Do you ever think of the promises you made?
Did you think of three years after
you decided to bring a child into the world,
you'd leave her?
When you held her hand, and promised,
did that mean anything to you?

You want me to come back,
to be your "baby girl" but this
has happened so many times before.

I won't go back to a man
who doesn't care, you call
yourself a father, but you were
never there.

So fuel me with your poison,
and take this to your grave,
the little girl you have,
is the young woman you didn't raise.

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