July 13, 2011
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Blind lead the blind
And we all disappear for a thousand nights.
Exploring our minds, and the sanction of freedom.
Looking for ways to make this right.

When returned from the glorious world,
We realized our own had been obliterated.
Smashed, and lifeless, it lay dieing!
Incinerated by our own device.

Our teamwork and learning, Did us no good.
It wasn't enough,
More so useless than a wishing well.

For while we were gone, They all crashed and burned.

How do we rebuild from the ultimate death?
We wait, and wait, waiting for a spark of hope
Yet, like all the rest, it left us; lonely.

Alone with ourselves.
Is what we used to say we desire
Now, as we have been learned, we are terrified!

No longer hidden by everyday whims.
How do we rebuild, when we know we can't win?

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