Unhappily in Love

July 15, 2011
By , Ambler, PA
I watched my love march off to war,
The image of him I did adore,
But the war in years took it's toll,
And took from my love his soul.

When love is lost and love is young
The loss is as a song unsung.
The notes in the heart will sound,
But never again in the world be found.

I loved my beloved from afar,
To me she was my only star.
But though I watched her she shunned me,
And now alone by myself I must be.

Slanted and slighted love brings pain,
Far more than the love unattain'.
For rejection and denial hurt not
As much as when love is left to rot.

I had thought that I was in love,
Until my love sold me like a glove.
Gave her false love to another man,
Left me to live on as best as I can.

If treason is the lowest low in Hell,
Then traitors in love are there as well.
For all those who've felt that knife,
Rest easy in what comes after life.

Me and my lovers did join in bloom,
She, a young bride and me, a young groom.
But the fires of our youth grew cold,
And our binding marriage could not hold.

Love from passion, love from lust,
And love in haste cannot adjust.
A life together built on such a base,
Will crumble down without a trace.

Stories of happiness are all the same,
And many more can unhappiness claim.
What is love but another unhappiness,
In an ocean of pain.

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