A Sleeper, An Attention Seeker, and a Mad Girl

July 18, 2011
By , Springfield, PA
The hostess knocked is out
She sleeps where she fell
Armchair with a broken foot rest
Her skirt rides up her legs
Covered in cuts
A few messed up years
She smokes to remember

Falling through the door at midnight
Hitched ride with partial stranger
We all know John though
Eight in a five seater.

She’s an avid smoker
Up at four am
Taking a puff
She scans her Facebook page
Using the landline
Calling hookups and future prospects
Cell charging on the windowsill.

Got beat by a dealer
Lost twenty bucks
We all did
Not bothered was reimbursed.

She lies on a disgusting couch
A glowing television
Makes it seem clean
Her first high courtesy of new friends
Twenty hits from a borrowed bowl
She starts talking to fantasy birds
First weekend away from the hospital

One needs a bed to settle down on
One needs attention at break of dawn
One needs to fix the voice in her head

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