Sappy poem about you

July 18, 2011
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I’m likin’ how you move me this way.
I’m not even the type to easily sway.
You caught me on you’re fisherman’s hook — so shook,
You’re actions were the bait and you were the real.
When I say real, you keep it real makin’ me feel at ease — I’m pleased.
About how we analyze our thoughts
to conjure up some benefit even if the day was lost.
I got the view from your perspective.
“Two negatives make a positive,”
There’s fiber in the hectic.
We don’t embody magnets, but we attract like a light in the night
as we converse until the time flies.
You steal my full 8 hours of sleep,
but I’ll let you be that thief
‘cause I can’t help but not want to retreat.
Respectful, intellectual, legitimate, you play those roles
Our mentals intertwine like abstract ideas in control
You took me by surprise — comfort resides where my soul meets yours eyes.
Your enticement is claimin’ full residency
to the shelter of my feelings ‘cause I’ve always acted hesitantly.
Guessingly, who knows where this bridge will connect us to?
But as simple it is to say despite as complex as we can get,
I think it’d be pleasant if it would link us two.
Despite your doubt, I’m only speakin’ the truth.
These vibes are lustin’ through.
See, you even had me writin’ a sappy poem about you.

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