You Have Arrived

July 16, 2011
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You know you've arrived when:

Your eyes are opened
And you see things differently.

When you're wiser.
When you're stronger.

When you know right from wrong.

When you do good,
Not bad

When you make peace,
Not war

When you love,
Not hate

When you don't argue:
You negotiate

When you're no longer cold, like winter
Or hot-tempered, like summer.
But you are agreeable,
Like autumn or spring.

When you see things from
A different perspective.

When it's not just about you anymore;
It's about everyone.

When you wonder what they think
And how they feel

When you're more aware.

When you're past the selfishness.

And when you've stopped hurting others
For your own personal gain...

You have arrived.

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