July 14, 2011
She’s an actress
But her mask is falling apart
He’s pulling one thread
She’s pulling another
Its dropping piece by piece
She’s showing through
She wants to hide her thoughts
And her feelings
She doesn’t want to fall for him
She doesn’t want to be in pain
She begs to be different
Or to atleast hide it
She needs a new mask
Something that can’t break
She needs a new her
Someone who can’t break
Somewhere to hide
But she can only be herself
Pulling at the threads
Trying to put the mask back together
Trying to hide her thoughts, her love, her pain
Because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone else
She doesn’t want anyone to feel her pain
If she hides, they’re okay
And that’s all she wants
She’s just an actress, who’s trying not to lose her touch
Until she gets another role

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