July 14, 2011
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A lonely girl came looking for answers about her life being so lonely
When she came upon the sitting area of a wise man she asked to give him company
“Do sit and ask your question pretty lady” He said as she sat beside him
“Why don’t people like me?” The lonely girl asked hesitantly
She waited as he prepared to answer he looked in her eyes and said
“Your beauty makes you unwanted” he stopped to look at the surprised look in her eyes
She pondered this how could it be beauty making her a thing to dislike?
She knew his words must be true, for he was a wise man of course
“Sir” she tried “um…I must ask you how you think that could cause me to be disliked so
I’m not a flawless beauty of the books or any of that type….more normal really”
He looked at her a long time before he answered he “People are cruel for reasons we will
Never be able to explain what they don’t understand they refuse to appreciate.”
She looked away and then down to her hands in her lap memories flashed to her…
Some much to quick to see but others vividly clear. Loneliness and dissatisfaction in the mirror
Came to her mind she was a smart girl..well book smart anyway but she couldn’t wrap a thought
Around the suggestion at her being even pretty maybe this wise man wasn’t wise…or could it be
Her own bad self image keeping her from seeing the true her?
“You really cant see can you?” the wise man asked with a look of sympathy
“No I cant and I don’t think I ever will” she replied as she left

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