Her Mission

July 14, 2011
She wants to take a break from our atmosphere, so she escaped out to Jupiter,

She wanted to find herself
Because "summer" and "rain" do not truly define her.

In a boat across the sun, all the way to the milky way
"This is not overrated, this place is so beautiful... I could stay."

That's when she saw it in it's perfection and knew she couldn't remain there,

The flash of silver shooting by prompted her to follow while she couldn't help but stare.

She traced them in the sky with her finger while she followed the silver flash,

The shapes in the sky, normally defined by nothing but sparkling flecks of ash.

You try new ways of thinking thanks to being with these new companions, "birds of a feather",

Who would've thought tae-bo and Mozart could go together?

The winds swept you away to see the sun rise over earth, the dawn line bright,

So you tried on your new toeshoes to dance on the light.

Met a shadow as you stepped farther down that line, familiar though empty,

As you reached it and reached out it vanished - not finding what you want, is it worth being without me?

Being without that chicken fried, but worse without your best friend?

You can't just take love and freeze-dry it for instant romance elsewhen.

I guess through all this you're happier out there, or at least that's what you believe,

Either way what can I say, change happens and if you are happy it's not my place to grieve.

Should you decide to stay, though you'll be missed, always know you'll still have your best friend.

And if you should change your mind and decide to return;
I'll be here waiting,
and bring me back as a souvenir,
the drops of Jupiter in your hair.

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