Same Old Dance

July 14, 2011
By CarpeDiem96 GOLD, Pawleys Island, South Carolina
CarpeDiem96 GOLD, Pawleys Island, South Carolina
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Everyday, we dance the same old dance
Lately, all it's been about is
The give and take,
My turn, your turn
I'm beginning to think we're a mix tape
That's stuck on replay

I give you a lingering glance
After that, I'm sure to give you a chance
To make me chuckle,
Of course, my knees will buckle

Then you're just plain friendly
And my take on this seems off
How can you like me sometimes
And others not?

Yesterday I was sure you would be mine
Today, I felt that only half the time

Can't we fast-forward
To when I call you mine
Our hands will intertwine
You kiss me
I kiss you
We belong together,
Through and through

Say you love me
Say you'll be mine
Hopefully I won't have to wait
To be your always-and-forever Valentine.

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