Take a walk with me.

July 14, 2011
The cold air moves around my body leaving an impression. The rising moon paints shadows on my lips, and helps to disguise my eyes from nature.

The wildlife stirs, All movement blurs.

My eyes cast the horizon in search.

The sound of you makes my heart lurch.

Your cold breath is moist.

Your emotions have no need to be voiced. I can see every emotion in your features.

I look upon you, as do the creatures.

Sadly this all has to end.

Your eyes are scared your motions are unprepared. I lead you by hand to the river of Fate.

I watch you approach, your reflection now caught. This river shows your heart and the hate. You must hurry... We have no time left to stand and debate.

You peer down into the dismal blue, and i see myself there beside you. You look to me with fear as the river pulls you near.

You look to me with absolution. I smile weakly at your only solution.

I walk away as your pleas for help penetrate my heart.

I cannot stand this feeling, but life sometimes chooses our destiny, and decides when we must depart

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