Lies Told By A Stranger

July 18, 2011
Stranger, hark, hark!
Are you lost?
Your figure shifts,
In the mixture of dark shadows,
Looking evidently uncertain,
Of where you are,
Or better yet,
Who you are.

Your eyes hold strain,
Sadness, and evermore so
Your lips,
Two soft petals
Which move elegantly against
One another as you speak,
Seem to be holding back
Lost thoughts,
That long to be found,
And brought into reality.

Why so shy?
You're surrounded by people,
Whose affections for you,
Are undoubted,
Yet you seem distant.
You put so much space
And harmful closure,
In between the ones that love you.
Why is that so?

Stranger, look, look!
Your smiles are all
Clever lies,
Discreetly hiding
Your disappointment.
Your body tells us all,
You are fatigued.
But of what?

You look so familiar,
Like a lost friend,
Once had so many years before.
Now I remember you.
Dear friend,
How long I've missed you!
Finally, we can go back to reality.
And let our true emotions
Seep through,
And be drenched in our
Identical reflection.

Stranger, stranger,
Lost friend,
Together we shall answer,
Why you are so sad.

This will certify that the work above is completely original, Melody Hope Lindsey.

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