Broken Bitch

July 18, 2011
Forgive me for I have sinned
and the words I know most dear
because lately I've been hurting all
no matter how far or near
I broke too many hearts to count
and shattered hopes and dreams
and even though it should not hurt
I've been filled with tears and screams
for the pain is hard to bear
and the guilt is on too thick
the words that I hear constantly
are enough to make me sick.
I am sorry, I am sorry
is all I seem to say
but that's only a five letter word
that doesn't seem to matter anyway.
For I am the b****
and I am the wh***
there Isn't much to say
because you believe I love him and I love you no more.
But the love for you still remains
and might never go away
because when everyone was leaving you were the one that stayed
so I am the b**** that broke the heart
of the one who was always there
and I sit here lost of words
because I don't know how to show i care
how can I hurt the one I love
with an unintentional lie
but I'm the broken b****.
saying this final goodbye.
as I write these words
I will admit that I am afraid
so please remember these words
and never let them fade.
You are an amazing person
and you feel pain you never deserved
and throughout our friendship
this is what I observed
you have the kindest heart near and far
and the touch to melt the heart
you are gentle and funny
oh and don't forgot very smart.
i see you are moving on
and i wish the best
because without me hurting you
you can finally get some rest
there is not much else to say
I am done being a witch
goodbye and I am sorry
signed, the remorseful broken b****.

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