Daiy games

July 18, 2011
Mr.Marshmallow SILVER, Arizona
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I may be gay but i dont like rainbows

in out around and about

playing a twisted game that makes you shout

with mercy pain or pleasure

sometI'me feelings just come together

there chance cards in this game

a game we play day by day

not even knowing that we play

whether we win or lose we cant always chose to decide

but we fight till the end no matter what horrors are inside

some chose to stay in some chose to stay out

i say i want to get out

why play a game were expected to play

I'm gonna live my way

i refuse to play for another minute let alone another day

and so i stand tall and ready

for the day to come with tangles of worry like spaghetti

I'm going to live like me

not the way people want me to be

no hiding no fear

I'm saying what i am with no reason for me to fear

because i have loved friends and family right here.

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