hidden in those pretty blue depths...

July 18, 2011
With a heavy heart,
and a mind all but dark,
I closes my eyes and breathe,
this is what life means....
A few words slip off my lips,
and my whole world dips,
But yet you push me pass the point of no return,
and I still haven't learned,
to speak the truth and unearth the lies,
that hide behind my step moms dark eyes,
you hide your self behind a shield,
and open your neck with your final Neil,
you give her all,
and yet you only fall,
no end in sight,
so this will be your last deadly night,
who will fight and who fall,
lets see if she knows all,
she lashes out with a sharp tongue,
and you laugh it away....
when I slip will you choose her over me too....
or will you finally realise,
nothing but lies are hidden in those dark eyes?

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