July 17, 2011
By Anonymous

the days go by
as i cry and stare
at the life i loved
did i really care
the people who knew me
just walk pass by me
shrinking down until no one can see
i've done too many things
i have no sympathy
for the person i am
to the person i've become
life is a short journey
i can no longer run
the bones are aching
as my hands are shaking
lost inside
the scars of an wounded soul
always wanting to hide
i'm loosing my hold
but i'm trying to hang on
can you help me out
i'm not screaming loud enough
the lies i'm playing
and the blood i cough
don't loose me in your sight
it was easy to start
this is my endless fight
sick to the bones
covered in tears
you tell me i'm not alone
i'm sorry, i'm sorry
for all i have done
it's now time stop
before i'm gone

The author's comments:
i didn't know what to name this piece, so i called it "wounded" because i had problems that i will never forget. i was wounded.

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