Paper Building

July 17, 2011
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She looked so tall
So proud of it all
Like the tallest building around
But really, she didn’t weigh a pound

Because it was all fake and she was easy to break
She looked tall, yes
But she was made of paper, no less

That’s right, the tall beautiful building
Which no one would suspect
Was made of a material, so easy to effect

“She could be burned, torn, or ripped to shreds
Made into ashes,” as one man said.
It was as if she was paper, which looks so strong
But if you tried to hurt it, you’d realize you were wrong

And all that would happen was she’d pick up the tape
Put herself together, back into her tall, proud shape
As if nothing had happened, and she had always been tall
But if you look close, you’d see the tape that hides her fall.

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