Poe Parody

July 17, 2011
By Patty1996 BRONZE, Gpf, Michigan
Patty1996 BRONZE, Gpf, Michigan
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“ 3.... 2...1!” The announcer shouted as I put the car in gear and zoomed off. I had been competing in races from an early age and expected for this one to be just like the others. I shifted gracefully in between cars and glided across the track. I was at least 2 miles ahead of everyone else. I look ahead to see my surroundings were all clear. I kept going faster and faster as my heart beat 1000 beats a second. My pulse was racing as the car went faster and faster and the other cars were now a tiny speck in the distance . As I was just about to turn around to watch the road again, BAM! I hit a hugh pothole in the road. My car was spinning out of control as I tried to slam on the breaks and regain control of my vehicle.

Tick tock,was the next sound I heard. I had awoke from being unconscious and I was alone in the room. I could hear a pin drop it was so quite. I called for a nurse, but no one answered. The pain in my side was so excruciating that I couldn’t walk let alone move. I sat for what seemed to be hours, maybe days. I was so hungry and thirsty. Where were all the nurses and doctors? I lifted my self up and I saw doctors and nurses walking around outside of my door. I tried to get their attention, but they seemed off in there own world.

I lay back down and looked up to see a hanging light like one you might see in a cafe. It was shifting back and forth, back and forth. I tried to turn away but my eyes seemed to be frozen. Every so often the lamp would loosen a little. I grew to realize that if someone didn’t come soon that lamp would fall directly on top of me. I screamed for a nurse. No one even looked at me from outside my door. I was in a full body cast making it hard for me to shift or move. Within the next few swings that lamp was going to fall and I would be doomed.

The lamp was holding on by a single thread. “Mr.Anderson, lets move you out of the way!”, said a female voice. Two nurses dressed in white came rushing in to save me from my worst nightmare. Just as they moved me the lamp fell to the floor and shattered into a million pieces. I looked at the remains of the lamp and realized that just moments ago my face could have been red instead of white. I was grateful to be alive.

The author's comments:
This was a project for school were we had to write a parody for one of Edgar Alan Poe's pieces. This is not one of my better pieces but I'm not a poetry writer so I'm proud of it.

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