deaths kiss

July 17, 2011
By bexxx BRONZE, Indian Trail, North Carolina
bexxx BRONZE, Indian Trail, North Carolina
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kiss me death upon my lips
let me tremble and become weak
take me with you into the unknown

send me down with you
into a place where i am welcomed
just don't let me go

hold me tightly until my breath runs out
never let me go until i am in your kingdom

where everyone lies because they have no meaning
make me yours and take me down under

hold me in your sweet arms that are full of torture
kiss me lightly to put death on my lips

i am succumbed into your sweet ecstasy
where i know that i belong

where love is simply a feeling that rarely comes
where connections with people always fails

because they are trying to escape your kingdom
but your kingdom to me is a home where i belong

and where I will rest forever in your arms

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