Her view

May 6, 2011
By Jonathon_Fine GOLD, Vinita, Oklahoma
Jonathon_Fine GOLD, Vinita, Oklahoma
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You sit there looking at me
Wondering why can't we be
I'll tell you
Look at you
You are nothing
You are a freak
You are broken
You are hated by everyone
You are loved by no one
You sit and stare
I breathe this air
How I would rather die
Than be with you
My friends have told you
Don't you get the message
We all hate you
I will not be with you
I don't care what you would give
I don't care that you love me
I can't stand you
Don't even dare
To talk to me
I hate you
Can't you see how pathetic you are Jonathon
You mean nothing to me
Nor do your pathetic poems

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